2.5 million people in France suffer from psoriasis.
The French seem to know this disease because when questioned 82% gives a correct definition and recognize that it is an inflammatory disease. Yet according to a survey by France Psoriasis, 32% of them have a wrong image and French 4 in 10 say they prefer to keep their distance with patients. The “SWP” remains poorly understood and suffers the received ideas die hard.

Psoriasis is contagious?
FALSE / Psoriasis is not contagious. There are no pathogen responsible for this disease, people can not therefore transmit it to others in any way whatsoever. The precise causes of this disease are poorly understood, the pso is genetic and also favored by environmental factors.

Psoriasis is caused by a lack of hygiene?
FALSE / This is the rapid turnover of skin cells that is responsible for the formation of “crusts (dander).” So there is no correlation between lack of hygiene and the appearance of plaques and dander. In contrast, a too aggressive and not suitable hygiene may dry skin and cause relapses.

Psoriasis is linked to stress and psychological problems?
FALSE / Psoriasis is not a psychological illness. It usually begins with a strong emotion (positive or negative) that is not the cause of its appearance. Nevertheless, when psoriasis affects the face, it is often very badly. The eyes of others weakens people and undermines self-image.

The sun (in moderation) is effective against the disease
TRUE / For 90% of patients, short, regular exposure to the sun (with sunscreen) can limit a psoriasis crisis. But beware of sunburn and excessive exposure may aggravate the symptoms!