The cure allows physical recuperation, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to recharge on the psychological plane. Aqualibre Association offers free services, subject to membership to the association  (20€/adult/year and 8€/child/year)  and availability. Registration on site upon arrival.

Atelier / services

maquillage correcteurCorrective makeup workshop
Conference-demonstration, followed by daily self-makeup workshops. Free access during all the treatment, availability of specific products and accompanying by the beautician. An extraordinary tool to regain a taste for life.

soin de support Counseling
When the skin condition is serious and / or chronic, in cases of burns and severe dermatosis, the psychological consequences are often severe. La Roche-Posay offers a followed by a clinical psychologist that everyone can consult alone or in family.
A discussion groups animated by psychologist are available to patients in cancer consequences

POMMADAGE Hydration workshop
Chronic dermatosis usually causes severe cutaneous dryness problems. Because to hydrate correctly is essential, La Roche-Posay offers a pommadage workshop destined to adults to learn the right moves and practical tips everyday.

sophrologie Sophrology workshop
To discover this relaxation technique by the practice of exercises with different thematic :  anxiety, body schema, sleep, memory, etc.

– Conferences are organized regularly by the Burns Association of France association brûlé de france

Power Conference : Driven by a nutritionist to discuss all issues relating to the links between diet, allergies, and skin cancer.
Other activities, visits, leisure with la Maison de la culture et du loisir (MCL) et Tourism Office