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Farid, 19 years old testifies after a severe psoriasis

« Hello, So, my name is Farid, and I had since the age of 5 years until the age of 16 a severe form of psoriasis (palmar-planto). I tried during years all kinds of creams, products with different colors and smells, but no conclusive result was observed. I started my first treatment, in the thermal baths ‘Saint-Roch’ at the age of 13, she lasted one month. My parents having perceived a clear improvement, they felt it would be good that I continue the thermal cure. That’s what I did the next two years, I went both years for 3 weeks, and to each new treatment, I found again, little by little, feet that can more and more support the weight of my body, it was easier for me to walk straight, and hands less and less fragile. Today I’m almost 19, and I don’t keep any sequelae or almost of this disease, I keep only on my feet the stains testifying to the extent of the disease. I regained a normal weight, I’m bigger that most of young people of my age, I practice a fighting sport since one year, and the most important, I think, is that I’ve made peace with myself. I am currently doing studying medicine (I’m in the second year) in Algeria, and maybe one day I would have the privilege to work in the same center who healed me after almost a decade of ‘un- life.’ To my doctor Dr. Josée-Bardin Métais, personal, nurses, who have always done such a way that my stay could happen in the best possible conditions, I address my most sincere and best regards. »

Farid, 19 years

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