Eczema is a major dermatoses treated at La Roche Posay (33% of spa visitors, 20% children).
The spa of three weeks is a wonderful opportunity to acquire the necessary tools for better management of the disease. Each year, the spa welcomes nearly 3,000 children in treatment. The AQUALIBRE Association offers workshops for young audiences.

Zoom on the hydration workshop Child

The purpose of this workshop is to teach children how to put their cream every day and all alone.
Laetitia allows children to learn while having fun to hydrate themselves. A key step in empowering the small patient.
Each child’s specific condition, so everyone takes his cream prescribed by the dermatologist, indeed eczema can take different forms and for each person.
Several important points are covered:
– How do we do when we scratch it?
– Why is it important not to scratch until it bleeds?
– Why is it important to put the cream daily?
– What is the best time to apply?
Then after washing their hands as the teacher shows them how to play properly apply their cream, the whole body is creamy without forgetting any part: face, eyelids, behind the ears, neck, torso, legs … and of course we ask mom or dad to come back and check whether the other body parts have been properly hydrated.
The workshop flies; the children have fun and parents watching! Yes our little patients know well apply the cream all over properly and they find it amusing! A small victory in everyday life, the chore has become a game!
Obviously to reward their efforts, they are put small gifts: a bag, creams, a frieze which summarizes the locations moisturize and hang at home, next to the tub a degree in their name, etc.
Small patients out of the workshop proud of them brandishing their degree and rushing to call grandpa and grandma to tell them all.

You can discover the workshop hydration child during your treatment with La Roche Posay, a teaching method to teach your children to be autumn in the application of their cream.