Quality Label certifié ISO 9001 AES

The spa of La Roche Posay is certified ISO 9001 : version 2008 (Certification updated in 2009). This norm ensures hygiene, water quality and the continuous improvement of care benefits. La Roche Posay was the first station certified ISO 1998.

The spa national convention requires since 2007 the implementation of a quality assurance approach for the spas. To answer to this obligation, the National Council (representing the whole of the profession), has developed a Thermal Guide with Good Practice for organize health management institutions, including care products used (thermal water,mud, gases, vapors ).
To officially validate this approach, a specific certification referential to the Hydrotherapy “AQUACERT HACCP THERMALISME” was built in 2010, based on the recognized method of HACCP health security and quality standards like ISO. This referential has been validated by the administrative supervision authorities and consumer associations.


Further to the audit by AES Certification (certified COFRAC) the Thermal baths St Roch have obtained the 22/12/10, the AQUACERT certification attesting to the safety of thermal water and its use in the context of thermal care provided to the curists (hygiene thermal baths, microbiological monitoring of thermal water, medical monitoring curists).
After having been the first to obtain ISO 9002 certification in 1998, the thermal bath st roch recur in 2010 with the AQUACERT certification, confirming the importance given to the quality and health safety of his patients since for over 10 years.