temoignage eczema Magalie testimony, Theo’s mum 3 years with eczema (June 2014)
“Hello, We wish to file a testimony about the benefits of spa therapy to treat eczema. Our little boy, Theo 3 this year, suffering of eczema since he was 4 months. After many unsuccessful attempts with creams of all kinds (cortisone had become a moisturizing cream without other effects…), we resolved to come in thermal cure at La Roche Posay, following the advice of our paediatrician. We came this year for the second time. The first cure of last year had incredible effects on the skin of Theo. The strong redness disappeared, and especially throughout the year, no more bleeding or night time waking in tears and blood. This treatment changed his life and our lives too. He remains sensitive and must apply its daily creams, but it is now known that the “magic pool” is used to treat him. We were also very sensitive to warm and professional welcome to the whole staff of the Terms St. Roch, who brought us listening and kindness, Theo as us his parents. Coming to La Roche Posay is now a pleasure shared with the family, and we encourage all the people to try this adventure for those who don’t know how to treat their eczema. As for us, we will come back next year to complete the 3 cures cycle! ”

Magali, Theo’s mum

temoignage eczema

June 2013 : Sindy testifies further to an acutely eczema

« “I was curist at La Roche Posay during 6 consecutive years of my child’s life and teenager (10 to 16 years). I was suffered of an acute eczema, generalized on all members, and a little on the face and neck (caused by a dermo-respiratory syndrome) from the age of 6 years. My body was a open wound, constantly irritable and irritated. My parents travelled all the Paris area and the most reputable dermatologists, ingenious and originals to heal me. I knew the « magic » potions prescribed to pharmacists, but, unfortunately devoid of charm. I knew injections of antibiotics under my wounds ; I spent my nights as a mummy wrapped in cellophane and bandages to allow penetration ointments and mostly to avoid scratching me overnight. When one day, a dermatologist at the Hospital Kremlin Bicetre, proposed a thermal cure in La Roche Posay. We went there without really believing: after 5 years of failure we had lost hope. I remember our arrival in La Roche Posay, small, quiet, peaceful town, his carousel on the main square … Each year has been a different experience. My first cure has been for me the most shocking : the first week, my skin has been in rebellion, the second week my skin started to heal, and the third week, for the first time in 5 years, I felt like a normal girl : without open wound, with my scars certainly, but my skin was smooth ! La Roche Posay healed me physically but also made me stronger ! never imagined viable adult life for me, covered with wounds (the one that we called leopard, because on a mixed skin, eczema is characterized by black wounds). At the Roche Posay, we realize that we are not only one to have a pathology of the skin, and especially that there is worse than yourself ! We also learn tolerance and respect of others ! We share the same sufferings (physical and mental) and create links which mark life ! Today I am 30, I am a young “normal” woman since I was 17 : I wear skirts, tank tops, T-shirt and bikini since my 20 years (and yes, I put more time to heal mentally than physically). I don’t have scars anymore (even if I can see them again, but that is elsewhere that takes place…), I am executive manager, I live in the Netherlands since 5 years, I have a couple life, and especially I’m HAPPY ! I wanted to take the time to write this little email to say thank you ! Thank you to all those persons who have contributed to my recovery and who saved me ! My Dermatologist (Mr. Sarrazin), but also all those nurses who, with their smiles and words, made the surmountable and acceptable pain. Thank you also to the people of La Roche Posay, friendly and tolerant. Thank you ! One day, I will come back … and I’ll take my mother, courageous and persevering woman, who has done everything so that I can perform my cures, and every morning motivated me to make the 2km on foot between the small apartment that were rented and thermal baths.”

Sindy, 30.

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