club enfant la roche posay Workshop/ services

The thermal cure of 3 weeks is a wonderful opportunity to acquire the necessary tools to manage better the disease. Every year, the spa welcomes nearly 3 000 children in cure. AQUALIBRE Association offers workshops for young audiences and a specific therapeutic education program (label ARS) Etap’eau for children aged 4 to 10 in the first cure for eczema. Free services are reserved to the curists that joined the Aqualibre Association (20€/adult/year and 8€/child/year) and subject to availability. The chalet is the place of childcare in the afternoons.

POMMADAGE The Lipi & Kara Ointment workshop
Animated by the educator specialist allows children to learn while having fun to hydrate themselves. A key step in the empowerment of the small patient.

 In the Children’s Health
The educator dedicate to parents and offers you useful tips on food, sleep and environment for your child. It is also a place to share experiences.

ars-poitoucharentes- The program adapted therapeutic education
For children with eczema, aged 4 to 10 years, and in first treatment:
– An initial diagnosis with the educator
– The identified objectives (specific workshops and consultations planned)
– a customized assessment at the end of the cure
– 6 months follow-up care
+ SCORAD for evaluate the gravity score of atopic dermatitis

– Medical conference on atopic eczema  An information and exchange time for a better understanding of your disease, treatment, its risks and its psychological context.
– Food conference Animated by a nutritionist to discuss all issues relating to the links between diet, allergies, skin and cancer.
Other activities visits, leisure with la Maison de la culture et du loisir (MCL) et Tourist office

garde enfantOther activities are proposed throughout the week: the kids’ club 2-3 days per week for fun activities (4-10 years), and large friendly games: Olympics, giant picnic … in the thermal bath.