• CLINICAL CASE 1: Sylvie, age 50, seen in Flers

Dieting for 30 years. Sleeve at age 50, in 2013, + gall bladder removed. Lost 50 kg in 1 year (weight fell from 110 kg to 59 kg).
No plastic reconstruction yet; she is thinking about it.
Cure in September 2015.
Symptoms: hair loss / dry skin / inflammatory cœlioscopy scars / sensitive to cold / vomiting
After weight loss: starts to remake herself. A rebirth.
Dietetic assessment: time taken for meals / insufficient chewing. Does not take her vitamin supplements (risks). No physical activity.
Post-cure assessment: she has greater scar flexibility and skin firmness.
She greatly appreciated support care, especially Make-Up, Tailored Physical Activity, and pommadage

  • CLINICAL CASE 2: Alicia, age 30, seen in Rennes

Pharmacy-based diet monitoring: has lost 30 kg (from 110 to 82 kg)
February 2014: abdominoplasty
Symptoms: depression, anxiety episodes / insomnia / headaches / damaged skin, stretch marks / scar: large, red, inflammatory, and painful / sensitive umbilicus / hair loss
After weight loss: feels depressed since her operation.
Dietetic assessment: time taken for meals is OK / risk of a lack of vitamin D and calcium / daily physical activity / little dietetic and medical monitoring, risk of weight gain.
Post-cure assessment:
> anxiety episodes have ceased
> scar more supple, less evident, and less sensitive
> displaced umbilicus re-appropriated
> skin firmness thanks to the jets
> excellent sleep without medication

  • CLINICAL CASE 3: Rachel, age 38, in Essonnes

2008: abdominoplasty / 2010: breast-reduction surgery
April 2014: sleeve; weight loss: 40 kg in 6 months (from 96 to 58 kg)
August 2015: lipectomy (arms and legs)
Symptoms: scars +++, inflammatory and painful / itching and tightening / functional limitations on arms with pain / problems with lymphatic retention in arm ++
After weight loss: she has undergone operations since 2008. That is her life.
Dietetic assessment: time for meals insufficient / no dietetic and medical monitoring / rick of deficiency, no vitamins / no physical activity / lack of hydration.
Post-cure assessment:
> scar more supple and less red
> marked improvement in lymphœdema (has combined manual lymphatic drainage in the community and a massage cure) and pain in the arm
> marked improvement in arm mobility
> skin firm and supple