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Adenocarcinoma of the right breast with pulmonary metastases diagnosed in 2006
Treatment: chemotherapy and radiotherapy simultaneous until December 06, relays oral chemo treatment Xeloda 500mg since Jan. 07. Followed Curie.
Skin symptoms : erythema, xerosis, dermatitis near the breast, lymphedema of the arm, painful scar, syndrome “hand-foot”. Thermal cure in April 2009 : filiform showers, spraying, « aérogazeux » baths, 19 massages under water, corrective makeup. Real skin and functional improvements: flexibility of the skin, reduction of lymphedema, whitened scar and non-inflammatory. Determining phase to start to relive, especially with her husband who was able to “breathe” a little. Participated in all activities of hiking and tourism in the resort.
Testimony of Annette  : « My hands and my feet passed from red to white. So I can move my hands and walk much more easily. »

Breast cancer diagnosed in 2005
Treatment: chemotherapy and radiotherapy + extraction of tumors and ganglions. 2009 : relapse and breast removal, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. January 2010: maintenance treatment with Herceptin (every 3 weeks) for 1 year. Followed at the University Hospital of Strasbourg.
Side effects: retractile and very adherent scar, painful (affects ribs). Tingling, pins and needles, sensation of falling asleep at the armpit. Reduced mobility of the arm. Xerosis on the whole body. Lymphedema upper arm and elbow. Dryness and scabs in the nose. Joint pain.
Thermal cure in April 2010.
Benefics Considerable benefits on the scar, relaxed by the shower (painful at first), bleached and non-adherent. Benefit associated with the level of mobility. Reactivated area, revascularised, loss tingling sensations. Any more scabs in the nose. Skin soft and moisturized.
Testimony of Anita “I did not measure, but my clothes press me less at the level of the arm, I feel my arm lighter and more mobile.”
Stage IV breast cancer diagnosed at Christmas 2006.
Treatment : Chemo for tumor reduction, then ablative surgery, then radio. Jan 2008, Herceptin 6 months then complication pericarditis. Breast reconstruction by abdominal flap in March 2009. Followed in Bourges (Jacques Coeur Hospital)
Side effects : abdominal scar and reduces post operative necrosis of the breast. Joint pain. Dry skin.
Thermal cure in April 2010 Notable benefits of abdominal scar, less adherent and bleached. Reconstructed breast, less thick scar. Very effective massage. Revitalized skin.

Womb cancer diagnosed in 2007.Traitement lourd par étape / Heavy treatment by Step / Tenon Hospital (carcino) / Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital (gynecological surgery) / Hôpital St Louis (psoriasis) Conisation of the cervix / Lymph node dissection / extraction of an ovary for conservation / chemotherapy & radiotherapy / brachytherapy
Many side effects, skin and psychological ++. Psoriasis reactivated after treatment, particularly on the irradiated area.
Thermal cure – late – in May 2010. Considerable psychological benefits : hydration of mucosas. Reduce redness, whitening psoriasis blotches.
 Samira testimony “I really needed that we take care of my body with a little more smoothly. The water is soft.”