cure post cancerThe thermal center of La Roche Posay welcomes patients suites skin treatments against cancer. More than 10 000 people have benefited since 2008. The post-cancer health cure is a new therapeutic approach to help you in the skin and psychological recovery after cancer treatments.

Concerned cancers are mainly breast cancer, gynecological cancer, ENT, digestive, skin cancer with important exeresis, leukemia consequences (especially VGH post transplant, and all kinds of cancers whose treatments caused skin sequelae (scars, dry skin, oedema, mobility, pain etc.).
This cure of 3 weeks is taken care by the Social Security at 100%

SURGERY CONSEQUENCES (exeresis, curettage ganglionic, ablation of the breast, plastic reconstructions …)
– Hypertrophic Scar, retractable, painful
– Lymphoedema (arms or legs) “light”, chronic or residual
–  Loss of functional mobility associated
– Peripheral neuropathies, tingling, pins and needles
–  Preparation and monitoring of breast reconstruction
Benefits :
– Acceleration of healing, relaxing, reduction of fibrosis and adhesion
– Improvement of veno-lymphatic circulation

– Erythema, shedding, keratoses, skin sclerosis, chronic radiodermatitis
– Telangiectases (cutaneous or ocular vascular dilation)
– Pigmentation Disorders
– Oral mucositis and / or genital, oral dryness (lack of saliva), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
– Improve skin suppleness and skin revitalization
– Rehydration and mucosal calming

– Treatment by drip or orally: adjuvant, targeted therapy, chemo maintenance (Xeloda, Tarceva, Erbitux, Herceptin …)
– Persistent dryness of the skin and mucous membranes (mouth, digestive, genital)
– Folliculitis, skin cracks, nail perionyxis
– Itching, twinge
– Palmar-plantar syndrome, dermatitis acneiform
– Hydration and skin flexibility
– Calming mucosal
– Repair of nails
– Improvement of the scalp and regrowth

GENERAL STATE OF THE PATIENT linked to the end of treatment :
– Tired, anxiety about the remission
– Loss of self-image
– Need to take care of his body differently: water, a welcoming element, coating, soft.
– Need to share its experience with other patients, other fights (not just suffering from cancer)
The cure is the intermediate step between the “hospital cocoon” and “solitude returning home”

When to make the cure? The time of prescription

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